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Why Should Traders Pay More Attention to BitiCodes

Automated trading platforms allow users to trade in a passive way which can save time and reduce risk. Unfortunately, not all trading platforms are what they claim, and it is vital to pay attention to various details when it comes to automated trading platforms.

Let’s take a look at BitiCodes to learn more about it. First of all, what is BitiCodes?

First of all, it is a crypto auto-trading software. It is designed to support inexperienced as well as experienced traders. The above-mentioned platform offers easy access to world-famous cryptocurrencies. It has more than 560,000 active users. What’s interesting, it gained the reputation of one of the most reliable as well as precise auto-trading software.

Interestingly, the main purpose of this platform is to help users trade cryptocurrencies.

What’s important, it is an entirely independent platform that trades cryptocurrencies on behalf of any user who uses BitiCodes. What’s interesting, BitiCodes can trade Bitcoin cash and Ethereum, to name a few of the available coins.

We shouldn’t forget about a robust automated system that enables rapid transactions in users’ accounts.

Besides, its trading bots commence all orders momentarily as bots spot crypto signals expected to end up in successful trading chances.

Thanks to its user-oriented interface, traders have the ability to modify the above-mentioned platform based on their requirements.

Users can open as well as use an account free of charge. It is worth mentioning that the minimum deposit required by BitiCodes for opening an account with the above-mentioned platform is quite low, only $250, and users have the ability to withdraw their funds whenever they wish.

What makes BitiCodes so unique?

BitiCodes is able to track the price of world-famous cryptocurrencies actively, thanks to its algorithms.

As a reminder, when a user deposits funds into his or her account, BitiCodes uses those funds in order to allow new trades to be carried out on BitiCodes.

Every time the algorithm identifies a chance to purchase a cryptocurrency supported by the platform, the algorithm will place a position utilizing the user’s funds in the user’s account to generate a profit. Nevertheless, after the position reaches the price target or the stop loss level determined by the BitoCodes algorithm mentioned above, it will leave the user’s position.

All funds are returned to the user’s trading account at the end of a trade. The platform can utilize these funds once again in order to conduct additional trades.

Thanks to its robust algorithms, the platform captures various trading opportunities quickly.

Last but not least, by providing interesting information, BitiCodes helps traders, as they can make better decisions.

It is no secret that security is an important issue for this type of platform. In the case of the above-mentioned platform, certain aspects have been improved in order to guarantee the security of all users’ accounts. In addition, BitiCodes also ensures that it has signed up to various certifications to provide an excellent as well as secure service, thus significantly reducing all cases of hacks on the platform.